Every day we have the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact with others. Andy Olen delivers high-impact sales and leadership insights through speaking, guiding, and accelerating engagements.


Andy’s experience-rich, authentic, and encouraging insights help individual salespeople, leaders, and professionals grow.


Andy’s ability to advance simple and powerful ideas through a story motivates teams to advance.


Customize a program with Andy. Build new muscle to take on evolving challenges.

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Keynote Events

“Yes, If” in Sales, Leadership, and Life

Using a simple and powerful, communication framework Andy Olen’s “Yes, if…” keynote speech is a high-energy event that will empower the team to start using "Yes, if" the same day.

The Trilogy of Yes

Borrowing from his book The Trilogy of Yes, Andy’s high-energy & real-world approach builds the audience’s confidence and readiness to build lasting and profitable customer relationships.


Today’s high potential sales reps and new managers need guidance how to navigate the challenges they’ll face as emerging leaders. Andy offers a personalized and high-touch engagement with emerging sales talent that helps them accelerate toward success.

Today’s sales leaders are required to have a great two-way game. Excellence on the outside with customers, and strategy on the inside with executives. Andy will accelerate your new, aspiring, and tenured sales leaders seeking to be great two-way players.



Andy and his sales teams have sold over $4.5 billion worth of products on five continents. Andy has delivered revenue, profit and share growth through excellence in go-to-market strategy, channel development, sales operations, and marketing. Put Andy’s experience, energy, and teaming approach to work on the opportunities critical to your business.