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Living His Unique Talent: Corey Taylor – Musician, Author, Dad, and Super-Authentic Human

I’m inspired by people who thrive using their unique talents in both their professional and personal lives.

Those who immerse themselves in doing what they love have the ability to hyper-connect and ignite joy in others. Corey Taylor is one such individual. Corey is the lead singer of the metal band Slipknot and the heavy rock band Stone Sour. He is also the author of four books to date, including one of my all-time favorites, Seven Deadly Sins.

What makes Corey unique and incredibly authentic is that he does exactly what he wants to do – and he is good at it! He is an incredibly gifted musician with the voice of a titan. He has a unique talent for storytelling, as shown in his writings. He speaks out on issues he is passionate about, and he appears to love every minute of what he does.

With raw authenticity and vulnerability, Corey bares his soul on stage, in his books, and in interviews. In a world where vulnerability intimidates so many—largely because the misinformed see it as weakness—Corey has turned it into his greatest asset.

Recently, I had a chance to meet Corey at a Stone Sour show in Milwaukee. I knew exactly what I wanted to say to him – and I did.

“Corey, I just want to say thank you for being so authentic and for connecting. I really appreciate what you do and hope you keep on doing it.” He was incredibly gracious and thankful for my comments.

Two hours later, I was invited on stage to watch Corey and Stone Sour from a different vantage point. At that moment, as I was enjoying a few of my favorite tunes, I was reminded what it was that I connected with as far as Corey was concerned – he was sharing his powerful, unique talent with all of us. This rocker was 100 percent in his element. His smile was ear-to-ear, he fed off the crowd, he jumped to the heavy beat.

After one song ended, he marched up to the drummer and reached over the kit asking for a fist bump, saying to him within my earshot “I f#$@ing love this!” It was clear he did. It was authentic, it was raw, it was real.

It reminded me of the power and importance of immersing ourselves in what we love to do. When we do, we access our authenticity—a powerful thing—and only then are truly able to share that joy with others.

Thank you again, Corey, for doing what you do with so much passion. It is super-connecting, and always inspiring to watch.