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The Power of Our Voice in Sales

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The most important sales tool we have is our voice.

We communicate through words and body language. Strong and effective communication with your customers will fast track a YES to you.

Communication and language have benefited my sales teams. Teaching salespeople how to communicate effectively with customers is rewarding because the positive impact is often immediate. There is no sweeter compliment than someone saying, “Andy, I used the words you taught me with my customer, and it worked! He said YES.”

Being a good communicator is not an innate skill; time and practice build your strength. A little bit of observation goes a long way toward becoming an effective sales communicator. The next time someone says something to you that elicits a reaction, take a mental note of that experience. What words and body language did the person use that influenced your response?

Do the same exercise when you notice that your words and body language elicit an emotional reaction, either positive or negative, from a customer. By observing and pondering these experiences, you will notice certain trends. When you say “x” you usually receive “y” feedback.

I’ve taught communication skills classes to graduate business students, and I share best practices with them that apply to sales. The communication approach I teach forms an acronym, POPS:





Be Prepared for every important interaction. Convey Optimism. Be Passionate about providing a helpful solution. Choose words, tones, and body language that are natural to you, and make it your own. Self-Awareness keeps you in your comfort zone. POPS has helped me connect and cooperate with customers. Practice POPS, and your communication skills will become a powerful sales and relationship creator.