#yesif is an empowering way of life. You’re able to say “yes” to every request that comes your way “if”

you ask for and receive value in return. #yesif gives you the freedom to happily engage in business and

lifes negotiations with confidence and trust. Trade value-for-value with others and unlock the potential

of #yesif.

In business:

Customer: “Can I have a rebate on this product?”

Salesperson: “#yesif you buy two.”

In leadership:

Emerging Talent: “Am I going to be promoted soon?”

Manager: “#yesif you continue to demonstrate great leadership skills.”

In life between partners:

“Can we spend Thanksgiving at my parent’s place this year?”

“#yesif we spend New Year’s with my friends.”

The Sales Warrior Within becomes stronger with #yesif. Welcome and celebrate the #yesif style in all of

life’s negotiations.

Tag #yesif in social and let’s cooperate with one another to all gain what we seek.