About Me


About Me

Andy Olen

Watching business and sales professionals navigate complex situations without the essential skills for success is a painful reality. This pain hits close to home, as I once found myself thrust into a multimillion-dollar negotiation with no prior training—it was a tough lesson.

As a manager, I made critical people decisions without a robust decision-making approach, and pitching recommendations without a solid financial foundation led to missed opportunities. These experiences fuel my passion today.

I understand the challenges talented professionals face—expected to be business experts without the necessary know-how. That's where I step in. My training programs are designed to bridge the skills gap, giving you the expertise and confidence to fast-track your success.

I've walked the same path, teaching myself and guiding my team as a business leader. Today, I'm here to accelerate your growth and unlock your fullest potential. Let's turn challenges into triumphs together."

I Write on Six Topics to Help You Close the Business Skills Gap



A fundamental business and sales skill required to resolve conflict and move the mission forward. However, more than 70% of professionals have never been trained in negotiations leaving them with a confidence and experience gap that needs to be closed.

Leadership Development

Helping new and experienced managers become effective faster accelerates individual and business success. Managers need help, and there is usually little support to get them going. We'll tackle these issues together.



The language of business. The art and science of business finance is a required skill for a business and salesperson. However, confusion reigns rampant as top-lines are confused with bottom-lines and talented people shy away due to a lack of financial acumen.


Decision Making

Consistent and predictable decision making requires structure and rigor. Yet, when do companies roll out a structured and critical thinking framework to help teammates make thorough and thoughtful decisions?


Great ideas become reality through effective presentations. Unfortunately, too many times business and salespeople do not have a structured and simple approach to communicate effectively. 


Selling & Persuading

Sales skills and persuasion are required for ALL businesspeople. Ideas, products, services, and innovations require sales skills to rally support and buy-in. Let’s not let great ideas perish due to a lack of salepersonship.













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