Ascend Up The Sales Rankings with Guests Jim Knittle and Peter Galiano

Episode #71

The Sales Warrior Within | Season 2 Episode 71 - Ascend Up The Sales Rankings with Guests Jim Knittle and Peter Galiano

Andy Olen

Jim Knittle
Ascend Performance Group
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Peter Galiano
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Andy Olen welcomes Jim and Peter of Ascend Performance Group in this episode The Sales Warrior Within. You’ll hear a robust discussion on:


The Origin Story of Ascend Performance Group

Jim discusses the focus of Ascend Performance Group on talent development and performance improvement.


The Role of Coaching in Sales 

Pete emphasizes the need for managers to become experts in the people they lead.


The Changing Role of Marketing

Pete discusses the evolving role of marketing and the need for marketers to help identify the right place for data in conversations.


Coaching at Every Level 

Jim emphasizes that coaching is essential at both individual contributor and management levels.


Balancing Patience with Results

Andy raises the question of balancing patience with the demands of a quarterly results-driven culture.


The Risk of Speedy Sales

The risks associated with the pressure for fast sales include discounting and eroding margins.


Building Trust and Vetted Process 

Peter emphasizes the importance of building trust and judgment in sales, highlighting that these are critical elements that cannot be easily measured but significantly impact deal closes.


Team and Group Coaching for Sales Growth:

Jim discusses the evolving trend of sales organizations embracing team and group coaching to address individual contributors' challenges.


Shifting to a P&L Mentality:

The conversation delves into the resistance of some organizations to shift to a P&L (Profit and Loss) mentality in compensation and mindset


Fiduciary Duty in Sales:

Jim Knittel addresses the question of whether the fiduciary duty of a sales rep is to the customer or the company. He suggests that it should be both, highlighting a collaborative approach towards finding a great solution. 


Importance of Trust in Fiduciary Relationships: 

Peter Galiano adds to the discussion, stressing the significance of trust in fiduciary relationships. He argues that trust must come from both sides—sales reps should trust their organization, and in return, the organization should trust its sales reps. 


Permission-Based Leadership:

Jim Knittel introduces the concept of permission-based leadership, which involves empowering the customer to have the ultimate say in the sales process. This leadership style focuses on validation, plain language communication, and building trust.



Thank you to Jim Knittel and Peter Galiano for sharing their insights on coaching and patience in sales.

Note: The show notes are a condensed version of the podcast transcript, highlighting key points and topics discussed in the episode.

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