Successfully Navigate Your Next Career Transition

Episode #70

The Sales Warrior Within | Season 2 Episode 70 - Successfully Navigate Your Next Career Transition

Host: Andy Olen

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In this episode of the Sales Warrior Within, Andy Olen looks into the important career transition actions you take throughout the course of a long professional run. Andy examines transitions within the same company, transitioning to a new company, and moving from a corporate job to starting your own business.

- Transitions are tough. It's critical to respect the learning curve that comes with the change.

- Andy suggests you learn the new culture and processes before making big changes if you're moving to a new company.

- When promoted within your own company, learn from your teammates. They answer where you should spend your time and energy in the first few months of the role. 

- In all transitions, like above, take your time before making big decisions. 

- Gather an advisory group of folks around you who can help you make thoughtful decisions.

- If you are starting your own business, seek a running start to gain momentum prior to starting the new adventure. 

Andy works with high performers and coaches them on big transitions. Connect with Andy to learn more about his coaching approach.

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