The Business Skills Gap

The Sales Warrior Within | Season 2 Episode 72 - The Business Skills Gap Host:

Andy Olen Learn More About Andy at

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In this episode of the Sales Warrior Within, Andy Olen discusses the importance of sales and businesspeople closing the business skills gap.

- Empowerment comes from sharpening your skills, building confidence, and controlling your destiny. Skills work helps you build and extend empowerment.

- 99.5% of all businesses fail to provide their talented associates the REAL skills needed to succeed.

- Andy shares his insights on the importance of six critical business skills gaps - negotiations, setting goals/strategy, presenting, decision making, sales skills, and finance.

- Andy is reshaping the podcast by broadening the focus to the six skills above. To be a complete sales and businessperson, confidence and success come from developing skills.

- Andy will rebrand the podcast The Business Warrior Within and help you close the gap and unlock your fullest potential.

Get in touch with [email protected]. Andy enjoys engaging with the Sales Warrior Community.