You're Only a First-Time Manager Once

The Business Warrior Within | You're Only a First-Time Manager Once Host: Andy Olen Uncomplicating Business... Skill by Skill Unleash The Business Warrior Within Summary In this episode of The Business Warrior Within, Andy Olen discusses new managers' challenges and the lack of training they have to take the big moments on. He emphasizes the importance of closing the expectation to skills gap and shares lessons from his experiences. Andy advises new managers to take time to diagnose the situation, practice minimally invasive surgery instead of amputation when making changes, and focus on manageable tasks with high impact. He also highlights the significance of time in navigating the learning curve of people management. Takeaways New managers often face challenges and lack the necessary skills to succeed. Closing the expectation to skills gap is crucial for new managers to be successful. Diagnosing the situation, practicing minimally invasive surgery, and focusing on easy, high-impact tasks can help new managers navigate their roles more effectively. Time is an ally for new managers, allowing them to learn, make thoughtful decisions, and build durable success. Get in touch with [email protected]. Andy enjoys engaging with The Business Warrior Community.