"Um, Uhhh, So, And, Like" Filler Words, A Different Take

"Um, Uhhh, So, And, Like" Filler Words, A Different Take Host: Andy Olen Uncomplicating Business... Skill by Skill Unleash The Business Warrior Within Summary In this episode, host Andy Olen focuses on demystifying "filler words" in presentations and communication, explaining their purpose and benefits. Andy provides guidelines for using filler words effectively and advises against using filler words ending with question marks. He encourages listeners to find their own filler words and offers tips for reducing their usage. The episode concludes with a call to action to improve presentation and communication skills. Takeaways Business professionals are expected to have a wide range of skills without proper training from organizations. Filler words like "um" and "ah" are normal and natural in communication and presentations. Using filler words allows the speaker's brain to catch up with their voice and gives the audience time to process information. Try substituting a pause for a filler word. A pause allows your brain to catch up with your voice. Get in touch with [email protected]. Andy enjoys engaging with the Business Warrior Within Community.