Goals and Fresh Starts - Take Advantage of the New Year

Goals and Fresh Starts - Take Advantage of the New Year Host: Andy Olen Uncomplicating Business... Skill by Skill Unleash The Business Warrior Within Summary In this episode, Andy Olen discusses the importance of the end of the year and the fresh start that the new year brings. He emphasizes the significance of setting goals for the new year and provides tips for sticking to those goals. Andy also highlights the power of fresh start moments and how they can be leveraged for success. Finally, he introduces the "if-then" scenario planning concept to implement goals effectively. This episode provides valuable insights and strategies for business professionals to maximize their success in the new year. Takeaways The end of the year is a unique and critical time for business people and salespeople to take full advantage of. Setting specific, measurable, and actionable goals is crucial for success in the new year. Fresh start moments like the new year and Mondays can be capitalized on to create momentum and drive toward goals. Implementing goals requires creating "if-then" scenarios and having a well-defined plan.