How Nice Guy Doug Sandler Sells, Leads, and Podcasts

Want to become a podcaster? This episode will have you thinking differently about success with a podcast.

Doug Sandler, author of 'Nice Guys Finish First' and host of 'The Nice Guys on Business' podcast, shares insights on business, skills, and podcasting.

Sandler discusses the shift from a command and control leadership style to one based on empathy and inspiration.

He also emphasizes the power of high touch over high tech in building relationships and generating business. Doug shares his unique approach to podcasting, using the guest seat as a tool for engagement and conversion.

Sandler highlights the importance of relationship building and offers advice on key skills for business success.

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  • Being a nice guy in business can lead to success and positive relationships.
  • The command and control leadership style is being replaced by empathy and inspiration.
  • High-touch interactions are more effective than high-tech solutions in building relationships.
  • Using the podcast guest seat as a tool for engagement and conversion can lead to business success.
  • Relationship building is crucial in both acquiring and retaining customers.
  • Key skills for business success include relationship building, communication, and empathy.
  • Treating everyone as a customer, even non-customers can lead to unexpected opportunities.