Global Healthcare Leadership with Jeff Roach


Jeff Roach, Chief Commercial Officer at Medinol, shares insights on his experience in the medical device industry and the importance of leadership and negotiation skills. He discusses the transition from a regional sales manager to a national account role and the value of building relationships and creating followership.

Jeff also highlights the significance of transparency in negotiations and the importance of internal negotiations in creating successful deals. He shares his experiences in working globally and emphasizes the need for an open mind, curiosity, and a willingness to embrace different cultures.

Jeff encourages individuals to seek international opportunities early in their careers and to choose bosses they trust and admire.

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A few definitions:

STENT - a medical device used to prop open arteries or veins so blood can flow freely.

TAVR -Transcatheter aortic valve replacement is the replacement of the heart's aortic valve through the blood vessels.

XIENCE V - a drug-eluting coronary stent sold by Abbott Vascular

PROMUS - in 2008, the exact same stent as XIENCE V but sold by Boston Scientific


  • Build relationships and create followership by transitioning from a manager to a leader.
  • Transparency in negotiations can lead to successful outcomes and maintain positive relationships.
  • Internal negotiations are crucial in creating deal structures that empower negotiations with customers.
  • Working globally requires an open mind, curiosity, and a willingness to embrace different cultures.
  • Seek international opportunities early in your career to gain valuable experiences and broaden your skillset.


00:00 Introduction to Medinol and Jeff Roach

04:03 Reminiscing on past experiences

08:06 Transitioning to a national account role

09:07 Advice for different types of sales roles

21:43 Internal negotiations and deal structure

26:50 Transitioning to global responsibilities

31:19 Embracing different cultures and experiences

38:41 Advice for gaining international experience