Building Through Stories with Eido Walny

Building Through Stories with Eido Walny

Eido Walny is not your average lawyer next door. He founded a national powerhouse law firm, consults businesses to success, and currently serves as the Village President of Bayside, WI. He has created success in business, life, and politics through storytelling.

Eido is a national speaker who shares stories of celebrity estate planning mistakes and highlights the need for everyone, including businesspeople, celebrities, and professional athletes, to have a comprehensive estate plan.

In this episode, Andy Olen and Eido Walny discuss the importance of estate planning and the challenges that arise when individuals fail to plan for the future. Eido emphasizes the importance of planning and highlights the emotional and financial difficulties that can arise when someone passes away without a proper plan. Eido shares his insights on building a successful law firm and the importance of focusing on knowledge and relationships. They also discuss the power of storytelling in connecting with clients and building trust.

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- Estate planning is crucial for everyone, including Business Warriors, celebrities, and professional athletes.

- Estate planning is not just about death but also about making important decisions during life

- Fights over sentimental items can arise when no clear plan is in place

- The cost of administering an estate without proper planning can be significantly higher than creating an estate plan. Estate planning is crucial for ensuring that affairs are in order and minimizing emotional and financial difficulties for loved ones after someone passes away.

- Building a successful law firm requires a focus on both knowledge and relationships.

- Storytelling is a powerful tool for connecting with clients and building trust.

- Trust is hard to build and easy to lose, so it's important to prioritize building trust with clients.

- Connecting with people and explaining complex concepts in a way they can understand is key to effective communication and building relationships.

- Combining personal hobbies and interests with professional expertise can create unique marketing opportunities and enhance client relationships.