Mastering Medtech Corporate Accounts with Jay Sullivan

Mastering Medtech Corporate Accounts with Jay Sullivan

In this episode of the Business Warrior Within podcast, host Andy Olen welcomes Jay Sullivan.

Jay is a MedTech sales titan with a distinguished career at Boston Scientific and Abbott Laboratories and is currently at Olympus as Group Vice President of Corporate Accounts, Contract Operations, and Strategic Pricing.

Jay discusses his journey from starting as a salesperson at Xerox to becoming a healthcare executive, emphasizing the importance of training, resilience, and learning from every experience.

He highlights the evolution of healthcare sales, the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, and the necessity of adapting to changing customer demands and corporate account management.

Jay also shares valuable advice for sales professionals aspiring to succeed in corporate accounts roles, stressing the importance of negotiation, communication, and strategic thinking skills.

The conversation also touches on the importance of fitness and reflection in achieving personal and professional success.

Learn More About Jay Sullivan:

00:00 Welcome to the Business Warrior Within Podcast

01:59 Jay Sullivan's Journey from Xerox to Healthcare Sales Titan

04:15 The Passion for Healthcare and Its Dynamic Industry

05:21 Navigating the Evolution of Healthcare Sales and Corporate Accounts

09:13 The Art of Corporate Account Management in Healthcare

16:59 Adapting to Change and the Future of Healthcare Sales

21:12 Skills and Mindset for Success in Corporate Account Roles

25:42 The Joy of Transformation and Leadership in Sales

30:11 Closing Thoughts: Fitness and Success