Leading With Optimism Carestream's Kendall Ryerson

Leading With Optimism Carestream's Kendall Ryerson

In this episode of the Business Warrior Within podcast, host Andy Olen welcomes Kendall Ryerson, Carestream's Vice President of Sales for North America.

With an illustrious career spanning 23 years across pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device markets, Ryerson's expertise in sales strategy shines through.

Kendall shares insights into Carestream's journey from its Kodak origins, emphasizing its innovative digital x-ray and imaging products while maintaining a robust film business. Ryerson discusses the importance of customer-centricity in navigating the evolving landscape of medical device sales, highlighting the value of relationships and differentiation in an era of AI advancements.

Through her experiences in federal contracting and corporate accounts, she underscores the significance of patience, reliability, and accountability in building successful sales teams. As she delves into career management advice, Ryerson emphasizes the importance of finding joy in one's work, leveraging mentorship and networking, and embracing flexibility in career aspirations.

She stresses the need for hard skills, such as time management and financial acumen, and soft skills, including communication and innovation, to drive success in sales leadership roles. Ryerson's wisdom offers a comprehensive guide for aspiring sales professionals navigating the complex terrain of the healthcare industry.

Learn More About Carestream: https://www.carestream.com/en/us/

Connect with Kendall on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kendall-ryerson-15682433/

(A) Learn more about Kendall Ryerson's insights on navigating federal contracts and corporate accounts.

(B) Discover how CareStream Health stays ahead of the curve in medical sales through innovation and customer-centric strategies.

(C) Explore the importance of balancing joy and productivity in a career.

D) Kendall's comments on financial acumen for evaluating deals, from sales reps to executives. It ensures solid business justifications and helps one understand margins, ongoing revenue, and long-term commitments.

E) How sales strategies have evolved from physician-driven preferences to corporate-based and now towards contract-based models, especially with the consolidation of health systems and the emergence of IDNs.

F) Despite challenges in the healthcare landscape, including hospital closures and financial restructuring, there is optimism for stabilization and eventual growth, particularly with a focus on preventative care and patient capture rates.

G) Sales professionals must control controllables, prioritize health and well-being, and find fulfillment in their careers by appreciating sales roles' autonomy, variety, and impact.

H) Prioritizing personal time and setting boundaries is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that individuals can give their best to work and personal commitments.