Chris Landon Shares His Healthcare Leadership Story

Chris Landon Shares His Healthcare Leadership Story


In this episode of the Business Warrior Within podcast, host Andy Olen engages in a captivating conversation with Chris Landon, CEO of Natus Neuro, a leader in healthcare innovation.

Chris shares his journey from consulting to leading significant businesses in the medical technology industry, emphasizing the profound sense of purpose in contributing to patient care.

Chris Landon's personal stories, which vividly illustrate the impact of medical technology on individuals' lives, serve as powerful reminders of the importance of patient-centricity in the healthcare business.

The discussion not only delves into leadership, mentorship, and navigating the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare industry but also provides valuable insights into AI's role in advancing healthcare.

Chris and Andy also explore effective communication and the necessity of adaptability and learning in professional development.

The episode reflects the intersection of business acumen and compassionate healthcare, offering valuable insights into successful leadership and innovation.

Enjoy Chris Landon's healthcare leadership story.