Michael Walters - Moving Energy Around the Room

Michael Walters - Moving Energy Around the Room


Influencing, presenting, and leading require moving energy around the room and steering the business agenda forward. 

In this episode of The Business Warrior Within, join us as we delve into the fascinating world of HR with Michael Walters, a distinguished HR executive and Chief Human Resources Officer for Samsung Semiconductor.

Michael shares insights into his journey, from his impactful roles in big tech, healthcare, and entertainment industries to his decade-long dedication as a global keynote speaker and management instructor.

Highlights include his thoughts on overcoming imposter syndrome, effective public speaking techniques, and the nuances of HR leadership in a multicultural environment. 

The Show Flows Through Engaging Topics

  • Michael's Public Speaking Insights
  • Influencing Decision-Making in HR
  • Tackling Imposter Syndrome
  • Presentation Q&A Challenges and Strategies
  • Preparation for Presentations
  • HR Leadership at Samsung Semiconductor
  • Building Your Career in Business
  • Ladders Versus Spiral Staircases
  • Sales Success

LinkIn with Michael Here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mwalters62

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