Unlock Presentations with AI Text-to-Image

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Unlock Presentations with AI Text-to-Image

When presenting, the power of visuals cannot be overstated. Visual content enhances engagement and helps comprehension, retention, and engagement. I share stories when I present. To bring the stories to life, I use images to connect to the audience.

My presentation slide rule is simple, "More pictures. Few words."

Over the last twenty-plus years of presenting, I've used personal photos to tell a personal story. Here's an example of me finishing the Philly Marathon.

FWIW, my goal at the end of the race was just to beat the person running the race in the dinosaur costume.

When I share a story about a business topic, I lean on Google Images to find a picture that best represents the emotion, message, or idea.

Now, with AI's text-to-image generator's power, I can create customized presentation imagery. 

I can create characters, scenes, and visual stories that amplify my spoken word with simple prompts.

Below is an example of a story I built for a Value-Based Healthcare story of a guy injured finishing the Denver marathon and receiving coordinated, value-based care after his injury.

With AI text-to-image power, I could build curated pictures that perfectly fit the presentation story I was sharing. The bespoke images lifted the story's power and effectiveness.

How to Incorporate AI Text-to-Image Tools in Your Training Presentations:

1. Choose the Right AI Tool:  I chose OpenAI's DALL-E platform for my picture generator. I pay $20 monthly for this capability and have found it worth every penny. Explore AI platforms that specialize in text-to-image generation. Evaluate features like customization options, output quality, and integration capabilities with presentation software.

2. Prepare Clear Text Descriptions: Craft concise and descriptive text summaries of key concepts, processes, or data points you wish to visualize. Focus on clarity and specificity to ensure the image renders as expected.

3. Generate and Refine Visuals: Use the AI tool to generate initial visuals based on your text descriptions. Review the picture outputs for accuracy and relevance, adjusting them to align with your presentation objectives and audience preferences. I've changed colors, characters, ages, and settings through text prompts. It's easy.

As I did, you'll find that a bit of practice with the AI tools goes far in building the right visuals for your presentation. You no longer have to worry about having just one picture represent your story; you can create a whole story full of AI-generated pictures to complement your strong words.

By harnessing the capabilities of AI, presentations can effectively convey complex information, spark curiosity, and leave a lasting impression on participants.

Incorporate AI text-to-image tools into your presentation arsenal today and unlock new possibilities for creating dynamic and visually compelling presentations that inspire, persuade, and move your business agenda toward success.

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