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Practice POPS When You Present communication presentations Feb 11, 2024

Our voice is the most essential tool in our business skills portfolio. 

We communicate through words and body language. Reliable and effective communication with customers and colleagues generates connection, cooperation, and builds a healthy team spirit.

Being an excellent communicator is...

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Here's What My TEDx Taught Me communication presentations tedx Jan 28, 2024

It was the best 13 minutes of my professional career… standing there on the red circle of the TEDx stage and sharing my thoughts and ideas on how to cooperatively negotiate using the words “Yes, If.”

I felt free, inspired, joyful, and even though I couldn’t see the...

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Wake up Your Morning Voice Before Your Present presentations Nov 26, 2023

 Presentation Wake-Up Call! 

If your morning starts with a crucial business presentation, wake up early and stretch out your voice!

I learned this lesson the hard way—I could ace presentations later in the day, but mornings felt like a vocal obstacle course. I often knew what I...

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