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A $450 M Negotiation? No Problem with "Yes, If" decision making negotiations yesif Jan 21, 2024

$450,000,000 - that’s a big negotiation, and I loved every moment of it.

Reflecting on nearly 20 years in “Corporate America” gigs, I think about the people, the wins, the losses, and the moments that made a profound impact.

Leading a $450 million negotiation was one of those...

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Don't Fall for The Gambler's Fallacy decision making leadership Jan 15, 2024

I won a bunch of money for Tré Cool, the drummer of Green Day.

No, I'm not his business agent, nor am I a rock show promoter. Instead, I got on a shooter's "hot streak" at a craps table at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas, and Tré, who was playing next to me, was cashing in as I kept...

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Take Advantage of Fresh Starts decision making leadership sales Jan 03, 2024

Happy New Year!

Why do even-numbered years carry a special charm? No clue.

Yet, the even-year mojo has been with me since childhood, dating back to receiving the cherished Topps baseball card set gift on Christmas Day 1986. With that nostalgia, 2024, here we come!

While the allure of even years...

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