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Job #1 Retain Your Top Talent culture leadership management retention talent Jul 02, 2024

Talented business professionals are hard to find. They can be even harder to retain.

My corporate career started in 2002 at Guidant, a medical device company. There, I experienced just how far companies in medical device had to go to retain top talent, so let me set the scene.

In 2002, Cardiac...

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What Does Your Winning Condition Look Like? culture leadership management performance self-awareness Jun 17, 2024

Self-awareness is an essential soft professional skill.

Self-awareness is the ability to look in the mirror and understand your strengths and opportunities.

Early in my coaching engagements, I ask the talented individual I'm working with to describe how she operates in her "Winning...

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Who Has the Power to Change Culture? You Do! culture leadership management Jun 11, 2024

Most businesspeople I talk to identify a healthy company culture as one of the most essential qualities of a high-functioning organization.

I agree.

When I ask professionals the following question, "In a business, who owns creating a great company culture?" a lot of fingers start to point....

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