Negotiation Skills – Reject the Old Paradigm and Embrace the New

Negotiation Skills

 🔄 Negotiation Skills – Reject the Old Paradigm and Embrace the New

The OLD Paradigm – Learn How to Negotiate by Just Going Out There and Doing It. Throw hope to the wind, how bad can it be?

The NEW Paradigm – Develop Your Negotiation Skills BEFORE The Big Moment Arrives, and You’ll Prosper When It Matters Most

Have you ever felt like you were thrown to the wolves during a negotiation? Been there. And that's exactly what I want to help you avoid. Let me share a story that taught me the importance of embracing the NEW way.

A $10+ Million Negotiation Story

Picture this: 2009, Edmonton. I, a National Sales Manager at Abbott Vascular, faced a formidable procurement team with my ego a bit too big. Spoiler alert – it didn't go well. The first round of negotiations left me defeated, having given away hundreds of thousands of dollars of value without gaining anything in return. It's not a great feeling, to say the least.

But hey, let's fast-forward to the NEW Paradigm. Imagine a negotiation where you don't learn through defeat and difficulty but instead empower yourself before facing the demanding customer. 

That's a game-changer.

The NEW Paradigm says we can upskill, learn, and develop negotiation best practices BEFORE we face the demanding customer.

That said, it’s not all about negotiations with customers. Negotiation isn't just about closing deals; it's woven into various aspects of our professional and personal lives. 

Business professionals negotiate all the time. 

- Did you negotiate when you switched jobs?
- Did you negotiate the best path for your group or project with teammates?
- Did you negotiate with leaders when they were deciding how to spend the annual budget?

How about at home? I negotiate with my teenage kids all the time. I need to know what I’m doing here, too, because kids are tough negotiators. They rarely take “no” for an answer.

Here Are Three Simple Tips to Start Your Negotiation Skills Journey:

  1.  Never say “NO” to a customer. “No” is a conflict word. When customers hear “no” they’ll push back. Conflict fuels conflict, and no progress is made.
  2.  Instead of “NO” try using a “Yes, If…” response. “Yes, I can give you a discount if you buy two.” I have replaced “NO” with “Yes, If” in my negotiations.
  3.  By using “Yes, If” language, you’ll move the entire negotiation from conflict to cooperation. Cooperation creates what I call Triple-Win Outcomes. A win for you, your customer, and your business.

Alberta Revisited - The Turnaround

Thankfully, my journey with Alberta buyers continued after the initial disaster. I went back using "Yes, If." And guess what? It worked!

“YES, I can do a lower price IF the market share commitment moves from 50% to 75%.”
“YES, I can do free shipping IF we include additional products on the contract.”

Most businesses prescribe to the OLD Paradigm: “go out there and develop your skills through experiences.” We don’t need to follow that approach any longer.

The NEW Paradigm says we’ll build the skills muscle and grow through positive experiences.

By developing your negotiation skills, you’ll feel more confident and empowered in all negotiations – big and small. Your confidence and empowerment will translate to success and achievement.

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