Practice POPS When You Present

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Practice POPS When You Present

Our voice is the most essential tool in our business skills portfolio. 

We communicate through words and body language. Reliable and effective communication with customers and colleagues generates connection, cooperation, and builds a healthy team spirit.

Being an excellent communicator is not an innate skill; time and practice are required to build excellence. Also, a little bit of observation goes a long way to becoming an effective business communicator. The next time someone says something to you that elicits a reaction, take a mental note of that experience. 

  • Which words and body language influenced your response?
  • Was the communication style effective?
  • Can you implement new approaches by borrowing words or body language features that would authentically enhance your effectiveness?

For years now, I've taught presentation skills courses to business professionals. Communicating through presentations - within the business and in front of customers - is a helpful skill set for those looking to grow and excel.

As Nancy Duarte said, "A great presentation gives smart ideas an advantage."

One of the presentation skills best practices I teach is POPS. POPS is the presenter's must-do checklist. It stands for:

Preparation: When you can shine in front of leaders or customers, TAKE IT. To make the most of it, be prepared. When preparing for my TEDx Talk, I practiced for at least 100 hours. You likely won't need this much time, but you'll want time to build your message, rehearse, and perfect it before the big moment.

Optimism - "We can do it!" People follow optimism. We want to believe tomorrow can be better than today. Most people feel accomplished when they make forward progress. When the presenter is optimistic everyone seeks to move forward together.

Passion: Show them you care. The audience always asks, "Why should I care about this topic?" When you show them why you care, they will listen.


  1. Communicate and present in a way that is comfortable for you.
  2. Don't use big words to sound smart; use the words you're comfortable with.
  3. Bring your natural voice, vocabulary, and ideas to the table.
  4. Just be you.

POPS has helped me connect and cooperate with customers and teammates. Practice POPS and your communication skills will help you become a dynamic leader and relationship creator.

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