Super Bowl... Super Insights

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Super Bowl... Super Insights

When I was a kid, there was one day a year that I looked forward to staying at home, not going outside, and gluing myself to the television all afternoon and evening. It was Super Bowl Sunday.

For as long as I can remember, Super Bowl Sunday has been a day I look forward to—the food, the halftime show, the ads, and the game. 

My hometown team - the Green Bay Packers - has been in three Super Bowls in my lifetime. We won two! But I don't need the home team in the big game to enjoy the pomp and circumstance.

Friends of mine from around the world regularly comment on how well the U.S. does big events. They say we put on a spectacle like nobody else - I agree.

I'm writing this Monday Mojo Skills Newsletter while the Chiefs play the 49ers. I'll share some moments from the Super Bowl's first half and relate them to a business insight. It's a little Super Bowl / Business crossover.

My Way - Leadership

CBS's intro to the game was a video montage with Frank Sinatra singing his famous song "My Way."

Finding your own leadership style and management approach is critical as a leader. Although you may have worked for a great leader, leading precisely like her is impossible. She does it her way, and you'll need to do it your way. However, borrow what you can from your great leader and put your spin on it. Make it yours. Always ensure in leadership that you can say, "I'm doing it my way." 

Coin Toss - Strategy

The Chiefs won the pre-game toss this year; they elected to defer their choice to the second half. The Chiefs believed they would benefit from having the ball first in the second half of the game. The Chiefs' coin toss decision was pre-planned. It was one piece of their overall game plan. 

Building and implementing a thoughtful plan is a mandatory business activity. Once the goals are set, it's time to figure out how you will achieve your aspirations. Planning your first few moves gives you the head start you need. Hopefully, success is around the corner, and momentum builds. 

The Ads - Marketing

Super Bowl ads ran $7 million for 30 seconds this year. Over 100 million Americans alone watch the game and the ads. Advertising at the Super Bowl has launched many new companies and enhanced the brands of many well-known products.

Companies promote products to spread the word about their goods and services. As a member of the team, you must continue to promote yourself. Business results matter. When you achieve business success, make sure you promote it when it comes time for your annual review or interview for that promotion. 

There's a lot to learn from the Super Bowl. It's the second quarter. 10-3 49ers and it's time to get ready for an excellent performance by Usher! Yeah!

Have a great week, and it's almost time for a Tradition Unlike Any Other… The Masters!

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