Wake up Your Morning Voice Before Your Present

Presentation Wake-Up Call

🎤✨ Presentation Wake-Up Call! 🌅

If your morning starts with a crucial business presentation, wake up early and stretch out your voice! 🗣️💪

I learned this lesson the hard way—I could ace presentations later in the day, but mornings felt like a vocal obstacle course. I often knew what I wanted to say, but I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. My brain was moving faster than my voice. It was as if my right leg wasn't keeping pace with my left leg as I went for a jog.

Have you ever lunged for words and struggled to hit the right tone in a morning presentation?

Our biological clock syncs with our sleep patterns. When we wake up in the morning, our organs need time to rev up and get going. My voice and vocal chords need that time to wake up. They strengthen as the day goes on. Knowing this, I've changed my morning presentation routine with a new routine.

Here's the secret sauce to get your voice in sync with your brain for an AM presentation:

☀️ Early Morning Self-Chit-Chats: Wake up and chat with yourself (bonus points for singing 'Doe Ray Me Fa So La Tee Do'). Get that vocal engine revving!

📊 Opening Slide Rehearsal: Nail those opening slides for momentum that lasts. Practice your first three slides or the first five minutes of the presentation two or three times. 

🗣️ Warm-up Dialogues: Strike up conversations with colleagues, friends, and customers—enjoyable and vocal warm-up! Just get talking, engaging, and shaking off the cobwebs.  

Avoid going into your morning presentation cold. Warm up that voice, hit the right notes, and make your AM presentations as smooth as a well-rehearsed song! 

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